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1.      We advocate freedom of the individual and self-reliance as the only ways to actualize the potential of humankind. We believe that individual responsibility is a required prerequisite for a free and peaceful society.

2.     We seek to protect the rights of landowners to maintain and administer their private lands as they see fit, within the bounds of reasonable environmental responsibility and sensitivity.

3.     We act to protect personal privacy, both in governmental record-keeping and the demands placed upon citizens by private entities. We recognize the sanctity of each person's privacy and propose a reduction in levels of government record-keeping on citizens.

4.     To protect the right guaranteed by the Texas and US Constitutions to keep and bear arms. We recognize that all law-abiding citizens have a right to own and possess firearms for personal defense, recreation, and sporting. A responsible and well-armed population is the best protection against domestic crime and the threat of foreign invasion.

5.    We support limited government, as set forth in the United States Constitution. This includes a reduction in both government size and scope. Taxes at their current levels are oppressive and contrary to personal liberties. We seek to remind the population that the Bill of Rights was put in place to guard the rights of individuals, and to limit the power of government.

6.   We believe in the national sovereignty of the United States of America, and call upon our leaders to reject any foreign, political, or financial action that brings US citizens under laws or policies not explicitly passed by the United States Congress.

7.   We are committed to bridging cultural, racial, and gender barriers to bring together people of all demographic categories. We believe in open-minded intellectual pursuits that value the opinions of all parties. Each individual in our movement has something to contribute to the cause of freedom.

8.    We seek to reawaken the principles of the Constitutional Republic under which the United States was founded. This entails a strict interpretation of the US Constitution, and repealing those laws that conflict with it.

9. We seek to support the rights of individuals to practice their religion both publicly and privately. Ours is One Nation Under God, and we oppose the exile of God from government, schools, and public life. Free people have the right to pray where, how, and when they choose. Of all the God-given rights, the right to pray is fundamental.

The Texas Freedom Foundation is a non-profit corporation chartered in the State of Texas