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Personal Privacy is a RIGHT, not a privilege.
We may face the complete end to personal privacy in our lifetimes.
Are you ready to submit?

Privacy and the right to "be secure in your papers and effects" is another of the foundations of our republic. Every day in our cities, states, and in dealing with the Federal government, our rights to privacy are being eroded. Indeed, we are in the middle of one of the most dangerous times in US history for the privacy of the individual. Both private and governmental entities are compiling massive lists of people and their characteristics.

Just think for a moment about your Social Security Number: you cannot open a bank account, get a credit card, get a job, or make any major purchase without one. The use of the SSN has gone far beyond what it was designed for- it could be argued that the system is quickly becoming a National ID system. Based on this one single number unique to you, each of your transactions can be traced- how often you buy a car or a gun, where your assets are and what your income is. All of this information can be delivered in one stack of pages that tells whoever, wherever everything about your personal life and finances.

Consider for a moment the trend toward the use of biometric devices to obtain a Texas Drivers License. Though you are not a criminal and have never been arrested, your unique thumbprint must be submitted to drive in the state. If you refuse, no matter the grounds, you will not be issued a license and summarily become subject to arrest.

ATMs and banks across the state and country are beginning to implement a frightening system of scanning devices that will eventually end the need for cards, signatures, and PIN numbers. Truly Orwellian. All monies that you have, from checks to credit and debit cards, allow your buying habits and funds transfers to be tracked. Only green Federal Reserve Notes cannot be fully traced- that is, not yet.

As recently as Super Bowl XXXV, those entering the stadium were treated to facial scanning to "look for known terrorists and trouble-makers." Who gets to define who fits in THOSE categories? Please contact your legislators at both the state and federal level and tell them that you will NOT surrender your privacy for the sake of "convenience" or the "War on Drugs." Also, REFUSE as many of our members have, to do business with corporations that insist on the use of SSNs for no legitimate reason, or conduct biometric scanning of their customers. Do you know how many surveillance cameras you have been seen on today? Again, this is not a left-or-right wing discussion. Everyone's privacy rights are on the line.

The Texas Freedom Foundation is a non-profit corporation chartered in the State of Texas