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The Amendment that Guarantees All Others:
The Second Amendment and the Fight for YOUR Guns

Among the most contentious issues in American political life today is the Second Amendment. Both sides are truly passionate, but only one comes down on the side of the Framers and the US Constitution. Gun control is, simply put, NOT the way to solve crime. Indeed, the criminally insane and convicted felons have forfeited their rights to own weapons in our society- that is already ILLEGAL. And it seems we still have a crime problem.

How could this be? Because the gun prohibitionists like Sarah Brady, Ted Kennedy, Chucky Schumer, Maxine Waters, and Jerrold Nadler have lost touch with the people they claim to represent- and in doing so have shown their laughable illogical way of thinking.

First, how are we to believe that a criminal who wants to commit a murder, rape, or robbery is going to follow gun control laws? This simply makes no sense. Remember the case in which a youngster found a gun in a crack house and took it to school? Following that incident, there were a bevy of leftist gun-grabbers who tried to pass trigger-lock legislation. How is it that someone who is willing to sell crack cocaine would be willing to follow a trigger lock law? We have lost sight of what makes a criminal a criminal- disregard for the law. And the criminals will disregard gun control laws as well- leaving honest and law-abiding people disarmed and easy prey for this society's predators. The criminals are not giving up their guns, and leftists politicians are busy disarming the rest of the law-abiding people of this country. 'Tis true: criminals LOVE gun control- as did Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.

Often we are told that weapons should be registered just like cars. What has vehicle registration done to end drunk driving or assault with a vehicle? Nothing. Registration of anything is about taxing, controlling, and should the government choose, abolishment. Take Australia and the UK. Registration of all firearms was the primary goal of many anti-gun groups. After registration, the police had a nice, neat list of where to find the guns when confiscation finally rolled around. They said it could not happen there, just as they say it can't happen here. It DID happen there- and it CAN HAPPEN here. It is worth nothing that since complete gun bans in those countries took effect in the late 1990s, violent crime has nearly doubled in each case. Criminals are having a field day.

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