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Write for the Texas Freedom Foundation Site

TexasFreedom.org is the Official Online
Publication of the Texas Freedom Foundation.

We are currently planning an online op-ed section in which our readers, supporters, and members may opine about topics relevant to our cause. You may submit an article for online publication through our site, provided it meets the following guidelines:

1. It should pertain to issues of concern to the TFF, or associated concerns.
2. It should not contain offensive or inappropriate language

After submission, our executive committee will review and publish selected items to the World Wide Web. To submit content, email your submission to chairman@texasfreedom.org. You may also send your item as a Microsoft Word attachment. We look forward to your input!

Submit URLs to the Texas Freedom Foundation Links Section:
Our Links Section is an organized list of links to Web sites, articles, and other material that are of interest or value to our readers and members. To submit URLs, please contact chairman@texasfreedom.org.

The Texas Freedom Foundation is a non-profit corporation chartered in the State of Texas