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The Texas Freedom Foundation was established in 1997 to support the rights and interests of private property owners and sportsmen in the Great State of Texas. We are strong advocates of personal rights that are divinely given and guaranteed by the Texas and United States Constitutions. The Foundation is active politically and in civil society to protect the rights and privacy of landowners, sportsmen, and the citizenry of Texas at large.

We are a grass-roots organization by design. Our major issues are personal property, privacy, and the Second Amendment. We believe that "ordinary" people, talking about important issues and engaging in activism is the way to preserve our Republic. The power in the Texas Freedom Foundation comes not from its leadership, rather is emerges from those that hold its values dear and are willing to ACT ON THOSE VALUES. The Texas Freedom Foundation's most important work is done through our email alerts, that allow you to quickly become informed about issues, legislation, and actions that are pending before decision-makers. We rely on our members to contact their legislators, the press, and their friends to make the system work.

All are welcome in our movement, regardless of age, gender, race, class, ethnicity, or any other characteristic. In our diversity lies our power, because people from all walks of life, from the left, from the right, women, men, the young and the old each value freedom and desire to preserve it. We encourage you to read our Mission Statement to fully understand the values that we hold sacred.

We do not affiliate as a group with any particular political party, because positions that preserve individual freedoms are not clearly defined by partisan lines. Our members are encouraged to be self-educating, and take the time to research issues that they encounter. As citizens and members, we should each take the time to understand social problems, and resist simplistic "knee-jerk" reactions. We encourage you to read about, learn, analyze, and dissect the pressing problems facing our state and nation.

Our goals aim to increase our collective and individual happiness through maximizing personal freedoms. Ours is a nation founded on principles that cherish individual freedoms and the rights of people to self-determination. No government can guarantee the American Dream- only individuals living and working with as few constraints as possible.

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J Clint Morris

The Texas Freedom Foundation is a non-profit corporation chartered in the State of Texas